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Archive for September, 2013

Meet the problem child and the regal one. AKA Gus and Gunner.

Their “mom” Meagan let me photograph them for a little experience in pup portraiture. She runs an awesome doggy day care and overnight care called Downtown Doggy Lake House. I was warned by Meagan that Gus is her problem dog that needs extra training and that I better lock up my cats. She also said Gunner would be eager to please and a great model. Well … she lied. Ha ha ha, I’m just kidding, Meagan.

It’s so funny how dogs can be one way at home and act completely different somewhere else. Gus was very interested in everything and loved to smell around. Gunner wanted to cuddle with me, but when I’d grab my camera, he acted like he was at the vet. He would hardly look at me. I put the camera down, and he’d put his face by my knee. Hilarious. Thinking it would help, I had Meagan and Gus go outside to chill for a bit while I tried to get Gunner to relax. I got him up on the ottoman covered in fake fur. WELL THEN HE DIDN’T WANT TO DO ANYTHING BUT NAP. It was like a pet bed for him. Stinker. Ha ha.

Gus. That “kid” is so funny. I took Meagan’s warning that he was, um, interested, in cats. So to get him to look at me, I meowed. He fell for it, hook, line and sinker. Meagan and I were laughing so hard. It was just precious.

So first off is Gus the cat lover and then Gunner the shy one. 🙂


My cousin Courtney came to visit us in Florida along with her husband Steve and her sons, Alex, Gabe and Sutton. The last one, Sutton, is my godson. He’s just precious and I’m pretty sure the kid is a genius. He’s already a math whiz and even wants to be a math teacher when he grows up. He knows more math than me … and I’m a college graduate.

This was a “Hey, let’s just go down to the beach and take some photos because if we don’t do it, I’ll regret it later” shoot. So we did. We had been out for dinner and ice cream and Sutton had chocolate ice cream evidence all over his mouth and shirt. I love Photoshop. 🙂

Of course we had to get some shots of my kids and her kids together. Such hams! I adore the shot of Nathan swinging Kaitlyn. Such love.

Love you guys! Come back soon.


I want this toy. Too bad it’s SO expensive. I think I’ll add it to the top of my Christmas list. 🙂

I borrowed an underwater housing unit for my DSLR from my brother’s friend, Sean. I admit, I’ve been thinking of buying one ever since. It keeps the sand and water out, but I’ll never forget the sheer panic of dunking my camera for the first time thinking, “What if I put it on wrong?” Thankfully, it was sealed perfectly.

We headed to New Smyrna Beach for a few days with my cousin, her husband and their three boys. I know I had just as much fun playing in the ocean as the kids did this time. Usually I’m the type that pulls up some sand and just sits. NOT THIS TIME! Ha ha ha.

This thing is not easy to use, I really give props to the pros who use them on a normal basis. There is definitely a learning curve, at least for me. The hardest part for me was realizing that one water drop on the case in JUST the right spot could ruin a really awesome image. Oh well, C’est la vie.

Get a load of this…