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Archive for August, 2010

I was recently in Utah in Promontory Ranch (near Park City) on vacation with my family. We brought the kids (my two and my two nephews) to see the horses at the Equestrian Center one morning. This is a MUST DO while visiting Promontory. The staff there are unbelievably nice, especially Jose, who told us about so many of the horses while he was cleaning out their stables.
We got a visual treat as well, Nabisco was due for new shoes. The process was really fun to watch, and Nabisco just stood there the whole time without any sign of pain or discomfort. He’s such a trooper. Later we were told by his owner that he’s a “candy man”. He loves his peppermints! I hope they gave him a lot of treats after this! 🙂
We actually went BACK to the center the day after this to show the family members the horses since they were golfing the day before. We were able to give Nabisco some peppermints, which he loved, of course. He made us laugh… after we’d give him a mint, he’d start throwing his head up and down in protest that we weren’t continually feeding him. It was hilarious!
I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do. I don’t know much about horses, but after visiting them here at the Equestrian Center, I fell in LOVE.

Something strange is going on with my blog. Every time I go to the address (www.meredithwilcke.com) the first published blog is about my nephews, but it’s showing Chloe’s site. Clearly my nephews aren’t infants wearing pink tutus. 🙂 SO… until I’m able to figure this out, please CLICK ON THE TITLE of the post to bring up the correct imagery.

AGH! I think I’ve finally fixed the bug. Hooray!

We took a family vacation to Utah a few weeks ago and I got to photograph my nephews, Harrison (5) and Bennett (3).  I love these boys, and it’s always a ton of fun to get our kids together with them since they are the same ages.

Bennett is a shy boy….  This shoot was towards the end of our visit, so I had been around him for about 5 or 6 days by this point.  He still didn’t want anything to do with me.  It didn’t help that he had been sick, either.  He loves his Mommy, his daddy, and especially loves his “dampa”.  He’ll sit with Grandpa Wilcke every chance he gets.

His mom, Beth, and I took the boys to the Outfitter’s cabin in  Promontory Ranch.  It’s a very neat building, as you will see, and it’s surrounded by beautiful trees, flowers and amazing light.  I even saw a few deer there when I had first gone over there to scope out a location.

Harrison was totally up for cooperating with his Aunt Meredith, but Bennett was a different story.  Beth would put him down in the flowers and he would CRY huge tears and look at me like I was going to take him away forever.  Poor kid.  We decided to implement “Operation Hide Mommy” which is a wonderful tool I use when photographing kids that are dealing with such things as separation anxiety.  Within two minutes of Beth “going to the car to get something” and staying away, he was perfectly fine.  Such a silly boy!

Anyway, I’m just delighted to have captured Bennett’s true personality and Harrison’s zest for “dancing”. 🙂  Take a look!

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